My specialities include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma, PTSD
  • abuse
  • job stress
  • inner child
  • women's issues
  • grief and loss


My services include:

  • talk therapy
  • art therapy techniques
  • relaxation
  • mindfulness
  • all faiths welcome!


Anxiety, panic attacks, trauma-PTSD symptoms: all have one thing in common, they are all triggered by the Flight fight or freeze system. It is a natural, biological system that we all have. It is meant to protect us and keep us safe. From the time of the dinosaurs, humans have experienced this process kicking in and flooding them with symptoms like, shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, tight muscles, upset stomach etc etc.! We know this as anxiety and panic attacks; our primitive system is trying to make sure we survive! Unfortunately that process is meant to be switched on for a brief time during danger and then return to a normal calm state. For many reasons, that system can get “stuck” in the “on” position or be switched on, so often, that we experience “high levels of anxiety” and discomfort. The long-term results of this happening are to literally “ wearing out our body parts!”  Headaches, body aches, heart and digestive issues among other mental health issues including depression, anxiety can result.  Substance use has also been linked to self-medication of these uncomfortable feelings. Through relaxation, guided imagery, art therapy and other coping skills I can help you take control once more and reduce many of these symptoms and feel better!

Inner child work: We all have an adult, an inner child and a critical parent inside each of us, when we allow our hurt inner child, to “drive our bus” we often find ourselves feeling out of control, making poor choices and lost. Many people don’t receive the love, acceptance and attention they need as a child. Parents cannot give you what they have not received themselves. In not healing their past, parents often hurt the next generation by neglect, abuse, or being emotionally unavailable. As adults we often experience anger, sadness impulsiveness and dissatisfaction with our relationships and our lives and have no idea why. Together we can heal our inner child and become the safe loving adult for ourselves that our parents could not be for us. Healing our past often makes moving forward much easier.

Job stress: Many individuals don’t realize how the stress of their job can be affecting their lives and relationships. From jobs that do not fit our personalities, to third shift schedule, conflicts with supervisors and co-workers and being exposed to trauma at work, job stress can cause PTSD like symptoms, anxiety, sleep problems, irritability and depression. Sometimes the answer is a new way of looking at the issues, sometimes it means creating change. I will help with the symptoms and together we can develop a plan that works for you and your healthier future.

Women’s Issues: Women often struggle with unique issues including, difficulties with trust, loss and grief, codependency, abuse and intimacy. I offer both a group situation where these issues can be discussed with the support of a small group, and individual sessions where we can address any issues connected with past neglect and abuse as well as strained relationships, low self esteem and role changes. I hope to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and safe.

Grief and loss: Grieving the loss of a loved one tears at our hearts, our lives, and seems to make time stand still, as we search for ways to make sense of the loss and what it means to our lives. We cry, eat too much or not enough, stop sleeping, we long for our loved ones and wonder how we will ever be able to live without them. When we deal with grief we need to consider two types. “Normal grief", which happens when we loose someone or something that we were close to or had a relationship with, and "complicated grief" which is loss we have not processed through. As a therapist I can support you through the process. Understanding the 5 stages of grief can help an individual or family cope and have the best possible outcome. Having support through the grief process can also help individuals not trigger past chemical dependency issues while coping with feelings of anger, sadness, and confusion.


Mindfulness, relaxation skills and guided imagery can all be used to allow us to give our bodies and minds a break from stress, negative thoughts and physical symptoms. I can teach you these techniques to relax and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and no longer fear loosing control of your body due to anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD and phobias.

Many times I combine art therapy techniques with the skills above to allow you to visualize solutions as another relaxation technique and give you a safe place to put your concerns.