Welcome! I’m glad you reached out to me. Seeking help is a sign of strength and can sometimes be confusing and scary. My goal is to help you rediscover your strengths, while acquiring new information and coping skills to help you overcome your challenges. I will remind you to be kind to yourself during this process and together we can set small goals to help you get where you would like to be.

I combine a unique set to of skills, including, relaxation techniques and guided imagery to help individuals destress, calm anxiety, relieve trauma symptoms and feel safer and more in control of your body. Talk therapy is provided and I try to make clients as comfortable as possible. I encourage a sense of humor while being gentle and “going slow”. Art therapy techniques can also help clients visualize challenges and communicate more effectively and safely. We all understand better when we can see the issue!

Therapy does not need to be overwhelming. Together we can explore the frustrating and scary issues and move on!

Give me a call or e-mail and let’s chat a few minutes and see if my approach is a good fit for you.